Experts Say Charlotte NC is a Tourism Hotspot!


"Charlotte NC is the 4th largest tourism hotspot" says Mohammad Jenatian, President of the Greater Charlotte Hospitality & Tourism Alliance (HTA) at the May General Meeting which was held on Wednesday, May 10th at Carowinds. 

I was honored to be able to attend and to hear all the great information shared by the HTA, including the remarkable work this group are doing to promote and improve Charlotte NC which of course will improve the economy in both North and South Carolina. 

According to the figures they presented, 2016 saw Charlotte NC with record breaking hotel occupancy, despite the political issues and controversy over the HB2 Bill, causing the State to lose a number of high profile sports events and shows, who chose to move their event to other, more equality serving States.


Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 6.06.46 PM

Diagram thanks to HTA - using figures from Mecklenburg County fiscal year 2016

According to the US Travel Association, more than 220,000 jobs are a direct result of the tourism industry in North Carolina and almost 127,000 jobs in South Carolina. Travel is among the top 10 industry employers in the United States, an incredible number of families depend on it. The tourism industry is an incredible contributor to our economy. The chart below shows the projected impact going forward. 

There is apparently a huge shortage of hotel rooms in the Queen City and there is an ever increasing demand for office space as the economy continues to grow and flourish. Of course this will have a huge impact on the Real Estate Market in the coming years. As a Real Estate Agent it is important for us to work with the Region to make sure that we are giving great information to the public and for us to keep ahead of the growing needs of our City and the relocating masses. According to the HTA's President, Mohammad Jenatian, Charlotte is amongst the top choices for Companies to relocate to.

If you are moving to the area, please check my resource library for great information about the Charlotte Area. As a Real Estate Agent, powered by Keller Williams, I am equipped and ready to assist you with information you need to make the Carolinas your home.  Search For Homes Here


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Of course great sports events contribute hugely to the economy of the Carolinas. Rob Egan, General Manager of the Charlotte Knights says the team has in excess of Two Million fans! Follow the link for more information about the upcoming games including Memorial day weekend fireworks on Friday and Sunday, July 4th Cuba Plays the Knights.

Charlotte Motor Speedway generates a regional economic impact of approximately $451 million annually, the speedway hosts three premiere NASCAR events each year and their website boasts that fans  "consume more than 34,000 slices of pizza, 9,500 gallons of soda and water, 13,500 feet of hot dogs and 309,000 pounds of ice in a typical race week end."  Imagine that!

According to Bill McMillan, Senior Director of Sales for the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority, there are great improvements being planned to bring people into the City Center of Charlotte. More about that in a later blog post. 

The AGM concluded with a call by Mohammad Jenatian to support the Communities in Charlotte NC Organization through #DineOutForKids  - Find Out More By Following This Link

Jane Saunders, Development Associate did a wonderful presentation about this great initiative so please consider Dining out on the 20th June to help keep kids in school!


The Dine Out For Kids is on the 20th June 2017


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We will keep a follow up blog with up to date restaurants. Bookmark this page and check back soon.

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